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Parting Instructions

Wills, Etc.

So maybe you have used our Inheritance Calculator and are now concerned that your or a loved ones inheritance is going to end up in the wrong hands. Or, perhaps you are just looking for estate planning information. Either way, Inheritance Network designed this page to explain how estate planning puts you in the driver seat.

We all work hard for our family's welfare. Not planning your estate jeopardizes your family. Whether you're wealthy or not, or somewhere in the middle, you can plan who will inherit your property, who will care for your children and pets and how to minimize taxes.

Inheritance Network wants every American to protect their property and family by carefully developing an estate plan. Inheritance Network will simplify the estate planning process so you can provide for your heirs, minimize taxes and ease the burden on your survivors. You will learn the basics of the essential documents for a comprehensive estate plan: a Parting Instructions; will; living will and durable power of attorney. You will find information on estate planning tools such as trusts and life insurance. And, you will have our Network, the most complete FREE resource for all inheritance and estate planning information, made available to you.

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